Russian Literary Portal Shares Nigar Rafibeyli’s Poems

Russian Literary Portal Shares Nigar Rafibeyli’s Poems

«», a popular Russian literary portal, has posted in Russian the poems “What Can I Do?”, “I am Like Love”, and “Flowers” by Nigar Rafibeyli, the people’s poetess, as part of the AzSTC project “The Azerbaijan Literature in an International Virtual World.” The portal also provides detailed information on the author.

The authors of the translations from Russian are Mark Shekhtner and Vladimir Portnov, notable Russian translators.

 It is worth noting that «», which is regularly followed by a wide auditorium of readers, publishes works by world-famous poets, such as A. Pushkin, A. Fet, S. Yesenin, A. AkhmatovaM. Tsvetaeva, O. Mandelstam, to name a few.



Nigar Rafibeyli 



- was a poetess and translator;    

is the author of the books “The Sound of the Sea Is Heard”, “My Bright World”, “I Asked the Sun for Youth”, “The Victory Song”, “The Voices of Mothers”, to name a few;

- has translated into Azerbaijani the works of world-famous poets and writers, such as Euripides, Alishir Nava’i, Friedrich Schiller, Mikhail Lermontov, Taras Shevchenko, Anton Chekhov, Lilian Voynich;

-was awarded the honorary title of the People’s Poet of Azerbaijan in 1981.