"German-Azerbaijani Phrasebook" Out Now

"German-Azerbaijani Phrasebook" Out Now

The State Translation Centre is pleased to announce the publication of a new “German-Azerbaijani Phrasebook” which can be helpful in the field of linguistics, translation, international communication and mutual understanding.

The phrasebook includes words and phrases on the following sections, such as “Alphabet & Pronunciation”, “Acquaintance”, “How To Start Conversation”, “Most Useful Expressions”, “Understanding”, “Greetings and Farewells”, “Making arrangements”, “Agreement and Disagreement”, “Contentment and Dissatisfaction”, “Request and Gratitude”, “Apology”, “Staying overnight”, “Asking the Way”, “At the station”, “Travelling with Children”, “In the Restaurant”, “Shopping”, “Sports and Entertainment”, “Holiday”, “Bank and management agreement”, “Time”, “Numerals” etc.

The compiler of the phrasebook is the German language specialist Vusal Abbaszade, the German language editor is Vilayat Hajiyev, and the Azerbaijani language editor is Shafiga Guliyeva.

It should be noted that the edition is intended for those going on business and tourist trips to German-speaking countries, as well as for the use of German in oral communication.


 Copies of the edition will be available at the bookstores below:





“Akademiya” book house

“Baku Book Center”

“Chiraq” book house

Book house of the Presidential Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic

 Sales kiosk of Azerbaijan University of Languages