The Book “Heydar Aliyev and Georgia” Presented in Tbilisi

The Book “Heydar Aliyev and Georgia” Presented in Tbilisi

The presentation ceremony of the book “Heydar Aliyev and Georgia” dedicated to the “Year of Heydar Aliyev” and published by the leading Georgian “Merani” Publishing House has been held in Tbilisi. In her opening speech at the event launched in the large assembly hall of the Parliament of Georgia Makvala Gonashvili, the Chairman of the Writers’ Union of Georgia and winner of the Rustaveli State Prize, spoke about Heydar Aliyev’s decisive role in the political, economic and social life of Georgia in the difficult periods of its history and energy projects thanks to which fundamental changes in the field of policy and economic realities in the region had been achieved. Then, Afag Masud, the Board Chair of the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre and People’s Writer took the floor.

A.Masud: “The book, for the presentation ceremony of which we are gathered today, tells us about Heydar Aliyev’s, the founder of modern Azerbaijan,  the patron of the Azerbaijani language and literature, great human love, close attitude towards friendly Georgia and the Georgian people. We think that this edition, reflecting the historical steps taken for the economic, social and spiritual revival of Georgia, as well as the socio-political, spiritual and cultural ties between the countries, will remain in the historical memory of both nations as the symbol of friendship and brotherhood. This year, as you know, the 100th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev is celebrated in Azerbaijan, as well as in many countries of the world. Individuals, societies and organizations have been trying to make their contribution to the anniversary; events of various formats are carried out, exhibitions, photo stands, conferences and meetings are launched, publications are issued. The greatest contribution to the great leader’s spirit and new eternity to his memory have been made by his son ‒ Ilham Aliyev, the victorious Commander-in-Chief of our glorious army. Our ancient lands, which remained in ruins for 30 years, have been returned to their owners, the tricolour of Azerbaijan was raised first in our native Shusha in 2020 and then in our native Khankendi this year.

After, the floor was given to Beka Odisharia, the Chairperson of the Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee, the Member of Parliament.

B.Odisharia: “First of all, I want to look into the recent past. Over the past two or three decades, a lot has changed: from the way people think to the way they live. During such periods, the fate and future of states are decided. Who knows what would have been the fate and economic situation of our country if not for the phenomenon of Heydar Aliyev at that time. The far-sightedness and steel will of this genius played an unprecedented role both in the economic revival of independent Georgia and in transforming the region into a global interest. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, despite the pressure put on Heydar Aliyev by forces unwilling to see the existence of our countries as independent states, he was able to overcome the evil intentions of these forces with his unwavering determination and wisdom, and became the eternal Father of his people. Many neighbouring countries, as well as his own land, were beneficiaries of his policy. I would like to emphasize once again that without the phenomenon of Heydar Aliyev the situation in Georgia could have been very difficult. The ancient quarter of Tbilisi is the heart of our capital. I am glad that the monument to this brilliant statesman has been erected in the garden named after Heydar Aliyev, in this ancient corner of Tbilisi, in the very heart of our city. In this park, we often celebrate our holidays together with our Azerbaijani brothers.”

Then the People's Writer of Georgia, Revaz Mishveladze, shared his memories of the Great Leader.

R.Mishveladze: “I have listened with interest to Mrs. Afag Masud’s profound speech. Essentially, I would like to mention that Mrs. Masud gave such detailed information about Heydar Aliyev that we had no words to express. However, at the same time, I have lots to say. I also have sincere words about such a great political figure as Heydar Aliyev and about this historical book. First and foremost, it must be said that Heydar Aliyev led his country in such a direction that today Azerbaijan has become the leading country in the region and a strategically important state for the world. I very well remember the government and parliamentary delegation from Georgia, consisting of five people, visiting Baku at the invitation of Mr. Heydar Aliyev in 2001. My memories about this meeting are also reflected in the book at the presentation ceremony of which we are gathered today. When I recall that historic meeting,  I am  still  getting excited. I remember listening with admiration as he spoke about the past, present, future, and economic potential of Georgia. We were fascinated that Heydar Aliyev had such extensive information about our country. This valuable book, published in joint cooperation, shows the friendship between Georgia and Azerbaijan, our mutual love, and how much we need each other, it once again strengthens our unity and makes it indissoluble.”

Later, the President of the Rustaveli Society of Georgia David Shemokmedeli, the Chairman of the Union of Georgian Artists Guram Sersvadze, the well-known Georgian poet Bagater Arabuli, the President of the Creative Union of Abkhazia Naira Marshania, the People's Poet Erekle Saghliani, the editor-in-chief of "Zghvauri" magazine Bela Keburiya, the director of the "Merani" publishing house Manana Gorgishvili, the famous Georgian poet Badri Kutateladze, the co-editor of the book, Eduard Shevardnadze's adviser on press issues, the writer Imir Mammadli spoke about the Great Leader's attitude towards Georgia, the Georgian people, and the work he had done for the country's future and prosperity.

At the end of the event, Makvala Gonashvili, the co-editor of the publication and Chairman of the Georgian Writers' Union, was awarded the “State Translation Prize”, established by the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre, for her contribution to the development of Azerbaijani-Georgian literary relations and her merits in creating the book “Heydar Aliyev and Georgia”.