Statute of the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre  CORE ACTIVITIES


The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) was founded in accordance with the Decree dated May 23, 2012 of President Ilham Aliyev of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The objectives of the AzSTC are: centralizing, managing and improving the use of the state language from the point of view of language and translation; overseeing the accuracy of the language and translation in the country; and promoting Azerbaijani literature worldwide at the international level and world literature in the country through translations into Azerbaijani.

Its core functions are:

·     taking measures on the proper use of the state language and improving the quality of translation;

·     initiating measures to centralize and manage socio-political, scientific, technical, literary and cultural ties from the point of view of language and translation;

·     managing centralized translation and arranging for emerging translators/specialists to receive training;

·     organizing and promoting Azerbaijani literature worldwide and world literature in Azerbaijan; translating and publishing samples of Azerbaijani literature in foreign languages and those from world literature in Azerbaijani; and

·     protecting the purity of Azerbaijani language and improving the use of the state language; and overseeing activities   to manage and improve the quality of specialized translation in a variety of fields (such as science, technology and engineering, law or medicine).

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