Statute of the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre  CORE ACTIVITIES


The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre is a state body founded under the Presidential Decree #2236, dated May 23, 2012, which implements the state policy in regulating the language and translation industry in the country.

The objectives of the AzSTC are: to protect the purity of the state language and ensure its proper use; to organize and regulate the field of language and translation industry in a centralized manner; to present and promote Azerbaijani literature worldwide, and foreign literature in Azerbaijan.

The Centre’s core functions are:

‒ realization of appropriate measures related to the proper use of the state language and improvement of translation industry (compilation and publication of dictionaries and glossaries, theoretical and scientific literature on relevant languages ​​and fields; thr monitoring of documents and materials of state bodies and institutions, websites and portals, mass media institutions, editions, dubbing, etc.);

‒ implementation of appropriate measures on the regulation and improvement of correspondence in terms of language and translation on socio-political, literary and cultural exchange and relations on international level;

‒ the training of highly qualified translators aiming at the improvement of translation, organization of language courses in specific fields and specialties, publication of relevant literature on improvement of training interpreters and translators;  

‒ the monitoring of the language and translation quality of materials, the correct use of specific terminological units in the fields of science and technology, literature and culture, to name a few.

‒ promotion of classical and contemporary Azerbaijani literature worldwide and the best samples of foreign literature translated and published in Azerbaijan.

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