Books by Azerbaijani People's Writer Isa Huseynov and famous Georgian poet David Shemokmedeli presented in Tbilisi

Books by Azerbaijani People's Writer Isa Huseynov and famous Georgian poet David Shemokmedeli presented in Tbilisi

The books “Caravan of Life” by the People's Writer Isa Huseynov, published in Tbilisi, and “Two Faces of the Threshold” by the famous Georgian poet David Shemokmedeli, published in Baku within the framework of cooperation between the State Translation Centre and the Writers' Union of Georgia, have been presented in Tbilisi.

Opening the event with an introductory speech, the Chairman of the Rustaveli Committee of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia, Academician Avtandil Arabuli assessed the publication of both books as a historical event and a great contribution to the literary and cultural ties between Azerbaijan and Georgia. Then the poets, writers and well-known representatives of the Georgian public participating in the event shared their views on the books:

Chairman of the Writers' Union of Georgia, poetess Makvala Gonashvili: “The collection of works of the outstanding Azerbaijani prose writer Isa Muganna, published in Georgian, has been created as a joint project of the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre and the Writers' Union of Georgia. The Centre, and especially the chairman of the board, Afag Masud, have recently played a big role in the development of our literary relations.

As the editor of the book, I can say that I am very pleased with the translation of Imir Mammadli, readers get the impression that the works are written in Georgian. Such concepts as humanity and courage run like a red thread through these works, accompanied by an interesting storyline and psychological suffering.”

Chairman of the Board of the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre, People's Writer Afag Masud“Every time I visit Tbilisi, I have very strange feelings. Frankly speaking, I don't even know why. However, I just feel like this country, this city and I are really bonding.

First of all, I express my gratitude to our Georgian colleague, especially to Mrs Makvala for such an elegant publication. A large number of books are published annually, but in this book by Isa Muganna, published in Georgian, one can feel a special love. Undoubtedly, all these are valuable things, but I also would like you to know that meeting you and being with you are very important for me. The books and literature that we have created together are also a means of feeling your love and conveying our love to you. Georgians are one of the few nations that have preserved the human spirit and beauty in an era of the computerized world.

Today we have gathered for the presentation of a book by a very talented writer. Chingiz Aitmatov, a prominent representative of the “60s” generation, said about Isa Muganna, who is still widely read and loved today, that we had been influenced by his works and learned a lot from him. Isa Huseynov came to literature in the 1950s and was subjected to great pressure from the then Central Committee. However, the writer did not trade his path and never accepted social realism. He lived completely beyond ideology, created and did not give up.

Although we have been preparing this book for several years, only now I have realized that this year the writer turns 95. It's an interesting coincidence.

The poems of David Shemokmedeli have already entered the world of Azerbaijani literature, as well as the works of Isa Huseynov have entered the world of Georgian literature. I think we have many more such meetings, literary festivals, similar events and literary exchanges ahead of us. And we, as the State Translation Centre, are always open to great literature and talented writers. We are always ready to publish new valuable works of Georgian literature in the Azerbaijani language.” 

Deputy Chairman of the Writers' Union of Georgia, poet Bagater Arabuli: “The roots of literary ties between Georgia and Azerbaijan go back to ancient times. Literary and cultural exchanges between our peoples, which began with Mirza Fatali Akhundzade, are constantly expanding. However, we should note that these relations have been expanding further since the rule of the National Leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, and this process is still ongoing during the rule of the President of Azerbaijan Mr Ilham Aliyev. The presentation of these books in an old building with the participation of prominent Azerbaijani and Georgian masters of words also confirms my words.”

President of the All-Georgian Rustaveli Society, poet David Shemokmedeli: “As a literary generation, we are happy to be living witnesses of such a high level of literary relations. Not all neighbouring peoples are as fortunate as we are. I express my gratitude to the head of the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre Mrs Afag Masud. I am also thankful, that the Centre has published my book of poems “Two Faces of the Threshold” in Azerbaijani and presented it to the largest Azerbaijani audience. I believe that our literary ties, which can be an example for many peoples, are eternal.”

Playwright Guram Batiashvili: “I have great respect for the Azerbaijani people and the historical path they have passed. We can proudly say that for centuries we have lived in good-neighbourly relations, there have never been contradictions and conflicts between us. We have always understood each other, and such literary and cultural exchanges ennobled our souls.”

Director of Merani publishing house Manana Gorkiladze: “I would like to thank the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre for having enriched our translation literature with such an interesting book by Isa Muganna. I am sure that in the future we will witness the presentation of very many interesting books that will be translated from Azerbaijani into Georgian, and from Georgian into Azerbaijani.”

Then the writer Vano Chkhikvadze, the poet Badri Kutateladze, the chairman of the educational committee of the All-Georgian Rustaveli Society, Professor Georgy Gogolashvili, the chairman of the “Civilized Georgian Way” public movement, the politician Temur Shashiashvili, the artist and prose writer Revaz Adamia, the politician, deputy Zviad Kvachantiradze, the poetess-publicist Tamar Gabodze shared their views on the Azerbaijani-Georgian literary ties and the presented books.

In the artistic part of the event, Honoured Artist of Georgia Paliko Nozadze performed a solo performance based on stories and poems from David Shemokmedeli's book " Two Faces of the Threshold" presented at the event.