The Book “Fundamentals of Linguistic Theory” Out

The Book “Fundamentals of Linguistic Theory” Out

The State Translation Centre has published the book “Fundamentals of Linguistic Theory” translated into Azerbaijani as a contribution to the 125th anniversary of the famous Danish linguist Louis Hjelmslev, the prominent representative of the science of linguistics.

Various branches of linguistics are presented in the following chapters: “Language Learning and Language Theory”, “Linguistic Theory and Empiricism”, “System of Definitions”, “Principles of Analysis”, “Signs and Figures”, “Expression and Content”, “Syncretism”, “Catalysis”. The book under study begins with a foreword entitled “Fundamentals of Linguistic Theory or Glossematic Limits of Structural Linguistics”, written by the well-known Azerbaijani scientist, academician Nizami Jafarov about the scientific activities of Louis Hjelmslev.

The author of the translation of the book intended for the use of specialists in the field of teaching and research of linguistics, as well as a wide audience of readers, is academician Nizami Jafarov, and the scientific editor is Bahlul Abbasov, the head of the Scientific Literature and Dictionary Department of the Centre.

The copies of the edition will be available in the coming days at one of the many bookstore locations listed below:





‘Akademiya’ Book House

‘Baku Book Centre’

‘Chiraq’ Book House

Book House of the Presidential Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic

Sales kiosk of Azerbaijan University of Languages