What are the main goals of the Azerbaijan State Translation Center?

The core activity directions of the AzSTC are: taking measures on the proper use of the state language, centralizing, managing and improving the quality of translation; promoting Azerbaijani literature worldwide at the international scale and world literature in Azerbaijan.

Which translation contests does the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre realize?

The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre launches the “Bay Leaf” Literary Contest to stimulate the development and estimation of literary translation industry in the country, and the information on it is available on the AzSTC’s website.

Where can we get the AzSTC’s publications?
You can find copies of publications at one of the many bookstore locations listed below:




“Akademiya” book house


Book house of the Presidential Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic

Sales kiosk of the Azerbaijan University of Languages

“Pero” book house

“Oxumalı” book house

“Lider” book house

Does the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre arrange language courses?

The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre arranges courses on different foreign languages.

What is the purpose of the selection rounds held by the Azerbaijan State Translation Center?

The AzSTC’s aim at holding the qualifying exams is to improve the quality of language and translation; identify professional translators in the field of written and consecutive interpretation that meet certain standards of the translation profession across the country, and give translators who passed the qualifying exams on various fields of activity Certificate.

Who can apply for Selection Rounds for translator certification?

Various institutions, organizations and employers can apply to the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre to determine the translation skills of their employees. Individuals who are widely engaged in translation activities can apply for the verification of their professional skills as well.

How can we get information on vacancy announcements for professional positions at the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre?

The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre posts information on vacancy announcements on the Centre’s social network page and various employment portals and sends information to the State Employment Agency as well.

How are the candidates on vacancy announcements selected?

If the applicant’s curriculum vitae (CV) corresponds to the vacancy announcement, he/she is contacted and invited to a face-to-face interview. Depending on the position, the interview may be carried out in written, oral, or both formats.

Does the Azerbaijan State Translation Centre offer translation services requested by applicants?

The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre has established the AzSTC Translation Agency to provide translation services requested by applicants. Therefore, firstly, you can contact the Centre, get contact details of the Translation Agency, and reach out to responsible persons at the Translation Agency.