AzDTM Translation Agency’s Services

AzDTM Translation Agency’s Services


The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre has established the AzDTM Translation Agency by Presidential Decree “On measures to protect the purity of Azerbaijani language and improve the use of the state language”, # 323, dated November 1, 2018, and fulfil the requirements arising from relevant presidential orders on measures to oversee the accuracy of the language and improve the translation industry.

The Agency’s activities include drafting, translation from Azerbaijani into foreign languages and vice versa, proofreading, editing and reviewing the content of documents of state importance, as well as texts and materials submitted by organizations, entrepreneurs, including local and foreign citizens, as well as printing services.

The services are provided in various formats, including the e- format, and delivered by professional translators and language specialists.


AzDTM’s translation services:

arrange a high-quality translation into various languages ​​in accordance with the orders;

make written, oral, consecutive, simultaneous translation;

linguistic monitoring - morphological, phonetic, lexical study of texts during the linguistic   


linguistic expertise - clarification and elimination of linguistic problems in the text;

publishing and printing services – the compiling of texts on different topics in Azerbaijani and  

    foreign languages, preparation for printing and publication in accordance with the formats of  

    books, brochures, booklets, newspapers and magazines;

design services - design and decoration of books, newsletters, brochures and other printed

     products of various content by professional designers at a high level;

translation and the editing of websites;

creating a Wikipedia page and its translation into different languages;

constantly increase the number of translators/interpreters;

organize qualifying exams for professional translators/interpreters;

tour guide;

transcription - recording the content of audio materials;

sound recording - correct pronunciation of audio/audiovisual texts (mainly the type of service needed during the dubbing of documentaries, e-training courses and interviews in a foreign language);

the monitoring of media resources - mass presentation of news published in general and special terms (daily, weekly, monthly).


The monitoring of media resources

The monitoring of internet media resources is carried out through the following stages in Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English:

-  identification of information sources in the media and their observation;

-  the monitoring of published materials on a specific topic (financial markets, information

   technologies, etc.);

-  collection of information and its systematic registration;

-  selection of the most relevant information through the categorization and filtering.


Advantages of monitoring and evaluation

- help to identify problems and their causes;

- suggest possible ways to solve the problem;

- allow to determine the activity direction of the institution;

- provide with information;

- contribute to the development of the institution’s activity in a positive direction.


Our distinctive features


-   create an opportunity to apply even outside working hours;

-   ability to use tariff packages for regular customers and take advantage of discounts;

-   the availability of professional translators, as well as specialized translators in various fields;

-   provision of additional relevant services at the request of the customer after the translation of  





Address:                     74, A. Topchubashov str., Nasimi District, Baku city

Telephone:                  (+994) 12 595 10 69

                                    (+994) 51 201 29 33

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