Russian Literary Portal Shares Poems by Alakbar Salahzade

Russian Literary Portal Shares Poems by Alakbar Salahzade”, a popular Russian literary portal, has posted in Russian the poems Song of the Sea”, “The Night without Me”, and “The Sea” by Alakbar Salahzade, a notable Azerbaijani poet, as part of the AzSTC project “Azerbaijan Literature in an International Virtual World.” The portal also provides detailed information on the author. 

The translator of the poems into Russian is Ilaha Feyziyeva, the Russian language specialist at the AzSTC, and the art editor is Angela Lebedeva, a Russian literary critic.

It is worth noting that “”, which is regularly followed by a wide auditorium of readers, regularly publishes works by world-famous poets, such as Robert Burns, Federico García Lorca, Emily Dickinson, to name a few.



Alakbar Salahzade (1941-2013):


-      a poet, translator and playwright;

-      the author of the books “The Five Leaves”, “The Fire Sculpture”, “The Eyes Look at the world”, “Flower of Remembrance”, “Ode to Fire”, to name a few;

-      his plays “Scared of Shadow”, “Winter Nights of Summer” and “The Drummer-Herder have been staged in theatres;

-      his works have been translated into various foreign languages;

-      has translated the works of world-famous poets and writers, such as L. Stern, A. Tarkovsky, P. Svirka, A. Platonov, A. Sofronov, M. Selimovich into Azerbaijani language;

-      was awarded the honorary title of Honored Art Worker in 2005;








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