AzSTC Hosts Certificate Award Ceremony for Translators

AzSTC Hosts Certificate Award Ceremony for Translators

The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) on Wednesday hosted the next Certificate Award ceremony for the translators who passed AzSTC’s qualifying examinations in sociology and politics, science writing, education, tourism, finance and economics, theology, medicine, law, culture and other subject areas  for translations  from Azerbaijani to English, Turkish, Arabic, German, Russian, French, Hebrew and vice versa.

In his opening remarks, Vilayet Hajyyev, Deputy Board Chair and Head of the Qualification Commission, said that the project is tailored to improve the quality of language and translation at the local level, to identify professional translators, and to oversee, however gradually, the standard of these fields.

Below is the complete list of translators for the AzSTC Certificate Award.  Certificate holders are bolded:

1. Seytlin Aleksey – (English into Russian) –  Subject area:  Law;

2. Fatiyeva Amina – (English into Azerbaijani) – Subject area:  Technical;

3. Mejidoba Amira – (Azerbaijani into English and English into Azerbaijani) Subject area:  Sociology and Politics;

4. Orujova Nigar – (Russian into Azerbaijani) Subject area:  Sociology and Politics;

5. Mammadova Rugiyya – (Russian into Azerbaijani) – Subject area:  Law;

6. Alyyeva Kamala – (Russian into Azerbaijani) –  Subject area:  Law;

7. Najafov Orkhan – (Russian-Azerbaijan) – Subject area:  International Relations;

8. Kazimova Khatira – (Azerbaijani into Russian) –  Subject area: Economy;

9. Yagubov Elvin – (Russian into Azerbaijani) – Subject area: International Relations; Economy; Law; Sports; and Education;

10. Ibrahimov Elchin  – (Turkish into Azerbaijani and Azerbaijani into Turkish) - Sociology and Politics;

11. Bekirli Chilanay – (French into Azerbaijani and Azerbaijani into French) - Sociology and Politics;

12. Mammadova Chinara – (French into Russian) - Subject area: Sociology and Politics;

13. Garayev Aykhan – (Azerbaijani into Hebrew and Hebrew into Azerbaijani) -  Subject area: Law