Contribution to the “Year of Shusha” – Publication of the Book “Shusha – the Pearl of Karabakh”

Contribution to the “Year of Shusha” – Publication of the Book “Shusha – the Pearl of Karabakh”

Within the Year of the City of Shusha, declared in the country, The State Translation Centre (AzSTC) has published an elegantly designed book-album “Shusha – the Pearl of Karabakh” which tells about the history of the ancient cradle of culture of Azerbaijan – the city of Shusha, founded in 1752 as a defensive fortress and the capital of the Karabakh Khanate.

It is planned to publish this book in several foreign countries in English, Turkish, Russian and Arabic. The information about the ancient culture of the city, religious shrines, architectural monuments, foreign trade relations, the life and creative activities of outstanding natives of the city, who entered the history of Azerbaijan and the world culture, is presented in the following chapters: “Shusha - the capital of the Karabakh Khanate”, “Construction of Shusha city”, “The emblem of  Shusha city and the famous Karabakh horses depicted on the emblem”, “Nature, landscape and climate of Shusha city”, “Population and quarters of Shusha city”, “Religious monuments of Shusha city”, “Shusha - the centre of crafts and trade”, “Shusha - the temple of education, culture and art”, “Heydar Aliyev and Shusha”, “Shusha - the cherished dream of Armenian invaders”, “We are back, Shusha!” and “The renewed Shusha.”

The project manager is Afag Masud, People’s Writer, the Responsible Secretary of Archival Materials is Haji Narimanoghlu, PhD in History, and the editor is Irada Musaly.


The copies of the edition will be available one of these days at one of the many bookstore locations listed below in the coming days:





‘Akademiya’ book house

‘Baku Book Center’

‘Chiraq’ Book House

Book house of the Presidential Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic

Sales kiosk of the Azerbaijan University of Languages