Azerbaijani Short Stories in Jordan Literature Magazine

Azerbaijani Short Stories in Jordan Literature Magazine

“Afkar”, Jordanian monthly magazine issued by the Ministry of Culture of the Jordan Kingdom, has posted short stories by notable Azerbaijani writers, such as “The Thick Coat” by Isa Muganna, “A Traitor Bullet” by Ismayil Shykhly, “A Heart Must Burn” by Farman Karimzade and “The Butterfly” by a talented writer Nariman Abdulrahmanli, as part of the AzSTC’s project “Azerbaijani Literature in a Virtual World”. The magazine also provides detailed information on the poets.

The short stories translated by Ahmed Sami Elaidi, a famed Egyptian translator, are accompanied by the article “Introduction to Azerbaijani Literature” by Samih al-Mahariq, a prominent Jordanian writer.

It is worth noting that “Afkar”” that has been launched since 1966 regularly publishes works by world-famous writers, such as Alexandre Dumas, Gabriel García Márquez, Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Vargas Llosa, to name a few.