“Khosrov and Shirin” Released in a New Translation

“Khosrov and Shirin” Released in a New Translation

  The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) is pleased to announce the release of “Khosrov and Shirin”, the largest lyric poem by Azerbaijan’s great poet and thinker Nizami Ganjavi, in a new philological translation due to the announcement of 2021 as a “Year of Nizami Ganjavi”. During the Soviet period, while translating the writer’s works the authors had more artistic and free approach than the exact translation, and therefore in some cases they lost the adequacy of ideas and meanings of hemistiches. The aim in re-translating this poem is to accurately reflect the unprecedented creativity of Nizami, the meaning and wisdom of his hemistiches, and to contribute to deeper and more correct research and analysis of Nizami’s “Word Treasury”.

  The author of the interlinear translation from Persian is Ali Shukru, the Persian language translator-coordinator at AzSTC, and the author of the philological translation is Etimad Bashkechid, a notable writer-translator.

    The book has been released by the AzSTC-based publishing house.

    You can find copies of the edition at one of the many bookstore locations listed below:





‘Akademiya’ book house


Book house of the Presidential Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic

Sales kiosk of the Azerbaijan University of Languages

‘Pero’ book house

‘Oxumalı’ book house

‘Lider’ book house