Book About Mehdi Huseynzade Launched in Ukraine

Book About Mehdi Huseynzade Launched in Ukraine


Kyiv has hosted a book launch event relating to Azerbaijan’s heroic son Mehdi Huseynzade under the nickname Michailo, a legendary Soviet Partisan, who was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre’s new edition - One for All or Mikhailo’s Revenge - by the celebrated Slovenian prose writer Peter Amalietti is devoted to the 100th anniversary of the hero. The event was attended by representatives from missions accredited to Ukraine; Ukrainian writers; senior teaching staff and students from higher institutions.

Oleg Kupchikin, a PhD in History, moderated the event.

“I managed to have this book translated and published into the Russian while working in the diplomatic mission in Slovenia,” Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Ukraine Azer Khudiyev told the event. “Mehdi Huseynzade is the glorious history of Azerbaijan. This publication could be the best possible way to introduce Mehdi Huseynzade worldwide. The book is of great importance in instilling a sense of patriotism in the young.”  

Later, AzSTC Board Chairperson Afag Masud, Honored Art Worker, took the floor: “May be when Mehdi Huseynzade fought against enemies, he didn’t imagine or think that he would go down in history as a hero. He had simply fulfilled his civic and human duty.”

Afaq Masud stressed the importance of translating the book, as a national wealth, into many languages, including the Ukrainian. “The book reflects national and mental values of Azerbaijan. It is valuable not only because of Huseynzade’s heroic and honourable life path, but also is indispensable in promoting Azerbaijan worldwide.”

Afag Masud expressed her gratitude to Azer Khudiyev for the publication of the book in Russian. 

Farhad Abdullayev, the translator of the book, underlined the responsibility of translating a book on a military theme: “It is not only the great moral responsibility in the name of Mehdi Huseynzade’s spirit, but before all heroes who lost their lives in the war.” 


The event was followed by National Hero of Azerbaijan Mirza Guliyev’s speech: “Azerbaijan is historically well-known with its heroes. Such books are a visible symbol to the youth,” said the speaker.

Ilhama Allahverdiyeva, Chairman of the Union of Azerbaijani Youth in Ukraine, Shahriyar del Gerani, a young poet, also made speeches. They spoke on Mehdi Huseynzade’s heroism and stressed the need to publish new books on a military theme.