Director of the Egypt National Translation Centre Visits AzTC

Director of the Egypt National Translation Centre Visits AzTC

The Azerbaijan Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers (AzTC) on Friday received a visit from Director of the Egypt's National Centre for Translation Anwar Mogith. The Arabic Literature, translated into Azerbaijani and published works by notable Arabic authors as Naguib Mahfouz, Mahmud Taymur and Ihsan Abdel Quddous were the point of discussion. Later the sides spoke about the joint projects that were conducted by both Centres, about the Modern Azerbaijani Story published in March 2017 in Cairo and the books by various Azerbaijani authors to be translated into Arabic, published and presented to readers in other Arabic countries.     

One of the main directions of representing the exemplary Azerbaijani model of religious tolerance and mutual understanding of peoples in the world is to propagandize Azerbaijani literature. Literature is key in obtaining information about the people, its national thinking, everyday life and spiritual values. The Centre's activity in the propaganda of Azerbaijani literature is very praiseworthy,” said Mogith.

In conclusion, Afaq Masud donated to the guest the Centre’s two latest editions - “The History of the Azerbaijan People or Its Biography and “Azerbaijani-Arabic Phrasebook” compiled on the occasion of Islamic Solidarity.