Franz Kafka’s Selected Works Released in Azerbaijani

Franz Kafka’s Selected Works Released in Azerbaijani

       A two-volume book Selected Works by the famous Austrian novelist and short-story writer Franz Kafkawhose heritage marked a new stage in the entire world literature of the 20th century has been published as part of a 150-volume series entitled “Pearls of World Literature.”

The two-volume book that contains chapters Short Stories, Parables Memoirs and Novels include short stories HomecomingDescription of a StruggleThe StokerThe TransformationIn the Penal ColonyA Little WomanUnhappinessA Country DoctorThe Verdict, Josephine the Singer; parables - The Bridge, The Vulture, A Dream, The Test, The Neighbour, At Night, Poseidon, to name just a few and  the novels - The Trial , The Castle; as well as diaries and interviews.

       The book is translated from the original German by notable translators Vilayat HajiyevCharkaz Gurbanly, and Yusif Savalan.

       The compiler is Mahir N.Qarayev.


Franz Kafka


·         German-speaking novelist and short-story writer;

·         Was born into a middle-class German-Jewish family on 3 July 1883;

·         Admitted to the Deutsche Karl-Ferdinands-Universität of Prague in 1901 and awarded the degree of Doctor of Law on 18 July 1906;

·         Most of his works were published after his death;

·      Wrote the novels The Trial, The Castle and America, popular short stories and parables, such as The Transformation, The Verdict, In the Penal Colony, Unhappiness, The Vulture and The Bridge;

·      His works had a great influence on the 20th-century world literature, philosophy and literary criticism;

·         Died after a long and painful illness on 3 June 1924;

·         Was buried in the New Jewish Cemetery in Prague-Žižkov.


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