Book about Nadir Shah Published

Book about Nadir Shah Published

The book titled Letters by Nadir Shah's Physician Ordinary - As a Valuable Source for the Last Period of His Ruling and Details of His Murder (authored by Academician Ramiz Mehdiyev) has been published.

 The book deals with Nadir Shah Afshar, the great Azerbaijani military leader, as well as historical events that took place under his 11-year reign and his brilliant military achievements. The book is drawn up basing on letters by Père Louis Bazin, Nadir Shah’s physician in ordinary of French descent. The book mirrors the military-political landscape of that time, internal conflicts, assassinations against the ruler orchestrated by his followers and enemies, and the invasion of distant India basing on historical documents and facts.

 Eldar Amirov, a PhD in Political Sciences, and Jahangir Huseynov-Afshar, a PhD in Law, are the authors of the comments on important historical figures and events of that time.

These letters as well as other historical documents from French and Persian were translated by Fuad Hasanov, Ali Shukru and Shahin Yahyayev.

 Yashar Aliyev is the editor of the book.

 This work is of considerable interest both to historians and source-study experts, and to all who are interested in the medieval history of Azerbaijan.