Khazar World Literature Magazine Second Issue Published

Khazar World Literature Magazine Second Issue Published

26 December 2014
The latest issue of Khazar World Literature magazine has been published. The publisher is the Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic.
The issue begins with some poems by Vladimir Mayakovski and Marina Tsvetaeva. The poems were translated by Ramiz Rovshan. Highlights of the issue also include examples of James Wright’s poetry translated by Zakir Fakhri and     Ibn al-ʿArabi’s The Meccan Illuminations translated by Afag Masud.
In addition, the magazine includes columns: “Nobel Tribune” which contains Patrick Modiano’s Interview and an extract from his novel The Unknown (translated by Ilqar Alfi); “Buker-winners” which contains Peter Carey’s Interview and his short story  "A Windmill in the West" (translated by Ülker Nasibbayli); “Servantes-winner” which contains the novel “The Tunnel” by Ernesto Sabato (translated by Saday Budaqlı).
Readers can also get acquainted with examples of the memoirs The Bolivian Diary of Che Guevara translated by Rovshan Ramizoglu and Konstantin Korovin’s My Encounters with A.P. Chekhov translated by Zahid Sarıtorpag.
The column “Our Brothers from Turkey” includes Nesrin Erbil’s poems (translated by Tofiq Qaraqaya), while column “Luminaries” the short story A Crocodile after F. M. Dostoevski (translated by Etimad Bashkechid). Besides, literary fans will be gladdened by correspondences of R. Rilke, M. Tsvetayeva and B. Pasternak (translated by Ahmad Oğuz), written in the epistolary genre. The column “Scenic Literature” covers the play St. Valentine´s Night by Aleksandr Mardan (translated by Yashar). The magazine also embraces the essay Seventy-Three Words after Milan Kundera (translated by Nariman Abdulrahmanlı), while the column “Classic Short Stories” presents the short story “The Mysterious Murder on Blanchard Street” after Camilo José Cela (translated by Mahir Garayev).


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