Latest Translation of Khosrov and Shirin“ by Nizami Ganjavi”





Khazar Magazine’s Next Issue Out Now


   The study of the great Azerbaijani poet and thinker Nizami Ganjavi’s immortal literary heritage, correct conveyance of deeper meanings and wisdom underlying his poems, gazelles, and odes, and as a national and state issue, the perfect translation of this ‘Word Treasury’ written in Persian due to the demands of that time are still relevant today.

   In the middle of the last century, while translating these works the authors had more artistic and free approach than the exact translation, and therefore in some cases they lost the adequacy of ideas and meanings, and the re-translation of this unique literary heritage in accordance with the origin is one of the important tasks facing Azerbaijani literature today.

   The proclamation of 2021 as the “Year of Nizami Ganjavi” in the country by the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated January 5, 2021 is an important historical step that created ample opportunities for a more fundamental and varied solution of the problem through reassessing and updating this national and spiritual wealth. Publication of the author's poems ‘Seven Beauties’ and ‘Leyli and Majnun’ by prestigious publishing houses in Ukraine and Georgia, as well as in Germany and Spain with a new foreword which for the first time presented Nizami Ganjavi to readers as a great Azerbaijani poet is among this year’s international literary projects of the AzSTC. The Centre’s another contribution to the 880th anniversary of the great poet was the first translation of his masterpiece ‘Khosrov and Shirin’ in a sufficiently appropriate and adequate form, as well as at a high professional level.

   Those wishing to learn more about secrets of Nizami’s poetry can find excerpts from the new philological translation of ‘Khosrov and Shirin’ in ‘Khazar’ Magazine’s new issue.

   The author of the interlinear translation from Persian is Ali Shukru, the Persian language translator-coordinator at AzSTC, and the author of the philological translation is Etimad Bashkecid, a notable writer-translator.



Highlights of the issue include:


-            poems by Ahmed Oghuz under the heading “AZERBAIJAN LITERATURE”

-           the novel ‘Mister President’ by Miguel Ángel Asturias under the heading “NOBEL LECTURES”;

-           poems by David Shemokmedeli and Shota Iatashvili under the heading “MODERN GEORGIAN POETRY”;

-           the long story “The Escape” by Rollan Seysenbayev under the heading “THE TURKISH WORLD”;

-            translation from “Torah” under the heading “CELESTIAL REINCARNATION”;

-           short stories by Wolfgang Borchert and Božena Němcová under the heading “STORIES”;

-            short stories by Tatyana Tolstaya under the heading “MODERN RUSSIAN PROSE”;

-           “Two Venetian Envoys in Persia” Ambrogio Contarini and Giosafat Barbaro under the heading “MEMORY”;

-            “Erich Maria Remarque’s letters” under the heading “MEMOIRS”;

-           the novel “I Served the King of England” by Bohumil Hrabal under the heading NOVELS”;

-           the play “The Open Couple” by Dario Fo under the heading “THEATRE” and others.


The magazine has been released by the AzSTC-based publishing house.


 For Khazar readers: copies of the edition are available on the stands below:


Kiosk Press – Elmler Akademiyası metro station, 19 Huseyn Javid Avenue;

Kiosk Press – Nariman Narimanov metro station, 122 Agha Neymatulla Street;

Kiosk Press – Ichheri Sheher metro station, Istiglaliyyat Street;

Kiosk Press – Koroghlu metro station;

Kiosk Press – Nizami metro station, Alibey Huseynzade Street;

Press Kiosk– Hazi Aslanov metro station, 41 Khudu Mammadov Street, and on other newsstands at metro stations.






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