Teaching Guides Presented to Students Pursuing Dramatic Art

Teaching Guides Presented to Students Pursuing Dramatic Art

The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) is pleased to announce the presentation in a ceremony of the supplementary teaching manuals -  Lessons for the Professional Actor by Michael Chekhov;  Theatre by S. Maugham;  World Drama: An Anthology; and Bertolt Brecht and Arthur Miller: Selected Works - to the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art (ASUCA) teaching staff and students. It is part of AzSTC’s initiative to promote cultural and artistic education.

In her opening statement, University Rector Jeyran Mahmudova expressed her deepest gratitude to the Translation Centre for the translation and publication of the teaching guides, underlining the importance of such editions on theatrical art, stage arts, directing and acting for studies at their University.

Later, Ph.D. Vilayat Hajiyev, Deputy Board Chairman,  Etimad Bashkechid, head of the AzSTC’s Science, Education and Culture Office, Yashar Aliyev, head of the AzSTC’s Information Department, Ilgar Rasul, a writer, Gan Tural, an editor-in-chief of the Epiloq.az website, University Vice-Rector Maryam Alizade took the floor one after another to give their thoughts on a necessity of continuous publications of such teaching manuals.  Professor Israfil Israfilov, a theatricologist, shared his impressions. ‘I was very amazed while getting to know about the work done by AzSTC over the last 5 years.”  Professor Aydin Talibzade, head of the Department of Theatrical Art, a theatricologist, hailed AzSTC for publishing books on acting and theatrical art specialists need. Ayaz Salayev, an Associate Professor at the Film Studies Department, spoke about AzSTC’s large scope of activities, calling it as a “Centre of Thinking.”

In conclusion, ASUCA’s library was donated copies of the editions.