AzTC’s new publication: Selected Works by Yury Trifonov

The Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic (AzTC) has translated and published the book Selected Works by Yury Trifonov, a notable Russian writer.
The book includes his selected works, including the historical novel, The Old Man, the most-read short stories, such as Mushroom Autumn, The Pigeon's Death, Vera and Zoika and Games at Dusk.
The authors' works, such as the novels The Students, The House on the Embankment, In the Light of the Fire, Impatient Ones, Another Life, and The Old Man became famous among the readers in the 50s.
In 1951, The Students won him the State Prize.
It is Yury Trifonov's first Selection Works published in Azerbaijani.  
The translator of the Selected Works is Zahid Saritorpak.