Book on the History of Azerbaijani Khanates published in Moscow

Book on the History of Azerbaijani Khanates published in Moscow


The Azerbaijan State Translation Centre (AzSTC) is pleased to announce that the book titled A Political Legacy of the Period of Azerbaijani Khanates in the Light of Documents by Academician Ramiz E. Mehdiyev has been published in Moscow.  

The book not only reveals the hidden truth about the period of Azerbaijani khanates - one of the most painful and sensitive stages in Azerbaijani history - that has so far remained unknown to Azerbaijani historiography, but also offers great clarity to the dark points that have caused serious scientific controversies, highlighting historical events and important figures through scientific facts and archives.

The translator of the book is Pusta Akhundova. The author of comments and notes is Eldar Amirov, a PhD in Political Sciences. The translator of the archive documents in Persian is Shahin Yahyayev, Deputy Director at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Institute for Caucasian Studies (Caucasiology). The editors are Nadiya Gafarova and Farrukh Rzayev.

The book is of considerable interest both to specialists – historians and source scholars, and to all who are interested in the history of ancient Azerbaijan.