AzTC hosts Certificate Award ceremony for translators

AzTC hosts Certificate Award ceremony for translators

The Azerbaijan Translation Centre (AzTC) on Tuesday hosted a Certificate Award ceremony for the translators who passed AzTC’s qualifying examinations in sociology and politics, science writing, finance and economics, medicine, law and other subject areas.

In his opening remarks, Chief Editor of the Translation Centre Vilayet Hajyyev said the project aims to promote the language and translation industry in the country.

The certificate holders will be involved in the accreditation process as translators who successfully passed the second round of examinations. The information on the results of the second round of exams will be placed in the Translation Centre’s Database.

“We hope that this project will be helpful to regulate the translation field and to develop the language,” he added.   

The certificate holders expressed satisfaction with the opportunity to have passed the qualifying examinations of the Azerbaijan Translation Centre.

Later on, certificates were handed over to each holder.