ANAS Central Library of Science Hosts “An Azerbaijan Anthology of Contemporary Short Stories” Presentation Published in Egypt

ANAS Central Library of Science Hosts “An Azerbaijan Anthology of Contemporary Short Stories” Presentation Published in Egypt

The ANAS (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) Central Library of Science on Wednesday hosted the presentation of the book in Arabic “An Azerbaijan Anthology of Contemporary Short Stories”, as part of a joint project between the Azerbaijan Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers (AzTC) and the Cultural Centre of the Embassy of Egypt in Azerbaijan.

This one-volume anthology, which provides a general picture of Azerbaijani literature for the first time in the Arab World, includes short stories by 19 Azerbaijani authors.  The translator is Ahmed Sami Elaydy, Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of Egypt in Azerbaijan and Director of the Embassy’s Cultural Centre.

The presentation that took place in the presence of AzTC Director Afag Masud was attended by notable representatives of the scientific and cultural community. 

The opening remarks by Afag Masud focused on some of AzTC’s projects being implemented at the international level. “The anthology, printed in Egypt, will also be published in other Arabic-speaking countries next year,” she said. “We have a plan to distribute its copies to Cairo-based universities and libraries.”   

Ambassador of Palestine to Azerbaijan Nasser Abdul Kareem A. Raheem and Ambassador of Morocco to Azerbaijan Mohamed Adil Ambarch, in turn, emphasized the uniqueness of the edition for the Arab World, highlighting its important role in expanding literary ties between Azerbaijan and Egypt. 

Commending the quality of the translation and design of the book, Ambassador Nasser Abdul Kareem highlighted the beneficial effect of such creative initiatives on bilateral diplomatic relations.

Ambassador Mohammed Adil Ambarch stated that the anthology will be invaluable storehouse of knowledge about modern Azerbaijani literature for 380 million Arabic-speaking readers around the world, and it will be of interest to many orientalists from different countries. In this regard, the Ambassador expressed gratitude to Afag Masud and Ahmed Sami Elaydy, adding that the book will also be presented to readers in Morocco in the near future. 

Other speakers - Professors Imamverdi Hamidov, Gulu Maharramli, and Nasrulla Mammadov, Doctor of Philological Science Pasha Karimov, and Director of the ANAS Central Library of Science Leyla Imanova – pointed out the art and literary value of the edition as well as its international perspectiveness.