Translation Centre launches e-library

Translation Centre launches e-library

“Open Book” e-library of the Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic (AzTC) has been launched. 

In addition to archiving the works that have been translated into Azerbaijani up to date, the e-library contains hundreds of scientific, literary, technical, legal, medical pieces among others, as well as the material, dictionaries, training supplies, and a catalogue of modern and classical literature.

The e-library is designed to enhance ties with leading publishers abroad, thus promoting Azerbaijani Literature, its scientific-cultural heritage in foreign languages, and the world literature samples in Azerbaijani-Turkish. Visitors of the e-library can enjoy reading online editions of the AzTC products, as well as its publications - Khazar World Literature magazine and Aydin Yol literary newspaper.

Visit our website at to have free access to hundreds of books!