Turkey Literary Portal Shares Musa Yaqub’s Verses

Turkey Literary Portal Shares Musa Yaqub’s Verses


Erikagacioyku.com, a reputable Turkish-language literary portal, has posted the verses - 'The Last Song of the Sunflower Field', 'What Will Be, Will Be', and 'The Yellow Wing of  Hope' by Azerbaijan’s recognized poet Musa Yagub.  This is part of AzSTC’s project titled “Azerbaijan Literature in a Virtual World”.

Launched in 2015, Erikagacioyku.com has created a new column for Azerbaijan Literature in cooperation with AzSTC to have posted literary samples of Azerbaijan literature since June. The page also provides detailed information on Musa Yagub.

Along with samples of classical literature, the hub is set to share modern authors from Azerbaijan as well.