EU Today places article on Azerbaijan Short Stories

Launched in no less a place than the British Library in London (June 15th), this anthology “Short Stories from Azerbaijan” makes available 28 Azerbaijani short stories in the English language for the very first time, according to a message posted on EU today’s website.

“Whilst the writers themselves may be as yet largely unknown to an English readership, the genre certainly is not - the English have always maintained an enduring fondness for the short story, and so many great writers, Dickens, Morrison, Conan-Doyle,  and H.G. Wells, to name just a handful, understood and fed this great appetite with gems that remain as popular today as they were so long ago. There is always a great delight to be had in discovering the work of a previously unknown author (unknown to the reader his or herself, that is). This collection affords 24 such opportunities,” the article says.

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