Influential Russian Press Carries Pieces of Contemporary Azerbaijan Poetry in Distinctive Page

Russia's weekly Literaturnaya Gazeta has carried “Modern Azerbaijan Literature” in a distinct page, dedicated to contemporary Azerbaijan literature. It is part of the Azerbaijan Translation Centre’s project to promote Azerbaijan literature worldwide.

The double-page issue that came out on April 11 covers Come Back, The Stone, Mothers Cry by Ali Karim, The Rock, Chopin, The Day is Dawning by Vagif Samadoghlu, The Sky Would Keep No Stone, The Moonlight by Ramiz Rovshan, and The Sea Climbing Up to the Sky, We are Strangers, Life Goes On by Vagif Bayatly. The pieces are preceded by a preface titled “The Poems that Come to Life”.

The preface provides details on the literary activity of each prominent poet for the Russian broader readership, and as a whole, it can be seen as an important event for Azerbaijan literature. “The interest in their poetry comes from a new individualistic consciousness and freedom of the style. It was a period when the pathos reached its extreme level, and it was replaced by novelty and diversity of creative searches. It wasn’t a mechanical repel of inertness of that period, but it was the period that earned popularity for the poets, and initially it was an opportunity for these poets to enlarge their scope of talent and potential abilities. While reading these poems, willingly or unwillingly, Yevgeny Yevtushenko’s remarks 'poems are not written, they come to life' come to our mind, " the preface says.