AzTC’s New Publication: … We Did Believe in Azerbaijan’s Independence


The Translation Centre (AzTC) is pleased to announce that it has published the book named “… We Did Believe in Azerbaijan’s Independenceby Alimardan Bey Topchubashov.

It is the first publication about the political and publicistic heritage of Alimardan Bey Topchubashov, a proven leader of multimillion Muslim Turks in tsar Russia, the conceptor of the ADR - Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920), a prominent Azerbaijani politician, Foreign Minister and Speaker of the Parliament. The book includes his articles, speeches, travel notes, diplomatic correspondence, op-eds and letters.

The edition includes documentary facts about the titanic political activity of one of the creators of the ADR the 100th anniversary of which we are prepared to celebrate in the days ahead, and about its painful emergence process and eternity. 

The book is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the ADR and the memory of those historical figures who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the ADR.

The compiler is Vilayat Guliyev, and the editor is Afag Masud.