Khazars’ Dreams by Georgi Pryakhin Published in Azerbaijani

Khazar’s Dreams, a novel by Georgi Pryakhin, has been translated and published into the Azerbaijani language, as part of series of the Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic (AzTC). Georgi Pryakhin, a well-known Russian writer, is a winner of number of literary awards, like Alexander Grin, Sholokhov, and Valentin Kataev.

The novel draws interesting parallels between the legendary Khazar Khaganate and modern Russia, complex social contradictions, the dependence of human destiny on objective factors, deprivation and feeling of freedom, spiritual desires that do not coincide with reality, and goodwill occurring against the backdrop of social, social and historical developments.

The novel has been translated into Azerbaijani by Etimad Bashkechid.