Azerbaijan Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers Announces Literary Contest

October 24, 2014

To evaluate the level of translation and stimulate the development of the translation as a field of activity, the Azerbaijan Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers (AzTC) has founded a Literary Translation Award (Prize) “Bay Leaf” to be held once every 2 years. The start date for receiving the translation of works is October 24, 2014, and deadline is December 20, 2014. The winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony to be organized at the end of March 2015.


* Prose and poetry translations into Azerbaijani are admitted.

* The book size is identified as following:

    - prose – up to 20.000 signs

    - poetry– up to 100 hemistiches

*  Translations only for this contest, new and previously unpublished translations are acceptable.

* On each nomination, only one author and one book is awarded.

* The author shall participate only on one nomination with one book.

* There is no age limit for candidates.


The required documents:

a)      unless the translated book is sent by e-mail, it must be submitted in 5 hard copies;

b)      Copy of ID card;

c)      Contact details;

 ç)      List of other translated material (indicate the source);

d)      The translation must be submitted via e-mail ( or in printed form.

Note: It is important to indicate the original language version of the book.

Those participants not meeting the Contest Requirements will be rejected.

The translations are accepted by the Press and Publishing Advisor’s office.

 Awards Fund:

 For prose:

 I place (award)  – AZN 3,000 (three thousand)

II place (award) – AZN 2,000 (two thousand)

III place (award) – AZN 1000 (one thousand)

 Encouragement prize: AZN 500 (five hundred)


For poetry:

 I place (award)  – AZN 3,000 (three thousand)

II place (award) – AZN 2,000 (two thousand)

III place (award) – AZN 1,000 (one thousand)

 Encouragement prize: AZN 500 (five hundred)


The translations shall be submitted with numbers to be labelled (no signature). The translations of contestants reaching the second stage – the first 20 books – will be submitted to Awards Commission.

Selection is conducted in two stages: ten books out of 20 are selected in the first stage and the winners are defined in the second stage.

The books are evaluated in accordance with from 5 to 10 scoring system.

Names of experts and members of the Awards Commission must remain unknown until the Awarding Ceremony.

The winners will get a diploma and honorarium.


Address: 74 A. Topchubashov Street


Tel: 595-10-42

Cell: (050) 263-02-95