• 20 January Massacre in Witnesses' Memories

    Azerbaijan Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic publishes series of witnesses' memories on tragic events procreated by the contingent of the Soviet forces intruded into Baku January 20, 1990. 

  • The Fate Remaining a Mystery to This Day

    While working on the novel The Sacrifice, I had to inquire about the fate of the young people who were sent to study in Ottoman Turkey and Europe by the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR)...

  • Azerbaijan’s Animation Films: Today and Yesterday

    The creation of animation films in Azerbaijan dates back to the early

  • Khanagah of Alinjachay

    According to scientists, the history of Alinjachay Khanagah dates back to the VIII century. 

  • Gobustan - a museum in the open air

    Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer, who conducted scientific researches 

  • The Maiden Tower

    Every day we see people observing the city from the top of the Maiden Tower.